Facebook Ads Manager is getting popular these days due to its easy way to setup an ad campaign to reach out to potential clients. It is basically an ad management tool that helps you to create, edit, and analyze FB campaigns. Now, setting up a campaign becomes super easy because FB has combined Ads Manager and Power Editor into a single platform that helps you to create and monitor ads campaigns on different advertising platforms powered by Facebook like Instagram ads. 

Features of Facebook Ads Manager – 

1. You can create an ad for different devices such as desktop, mobile or both.

2. It lets you to choose a space on page where you wish to display your ads, for example, News Feed, Right-Hand Column. 

3. You can simply upload your all contacts in order to custom target the market. 

4. Discover people of same campaign to target them. 

5. Know the best ways for ad elements and strategies through A/B testing. 

How Do I Use Facebook Ads Manager?

You can use Facebook Ads Manager to create your Ad campaign by two ways- 

  • Switch to Quick Creation
  • Switch to Guided Creation

1. Switch to Quick Creation

It lets you select your Facebook ad settings and names for ads, ad sets, and campaigns in one window. To create an ad, go to ‘ad creation’ or select ‘create’. If you see the guided creation workflow, then click back to quick creation by clicking on quick creation at the top of the creation flow.

How to get started?

Create a Campaign

Step 1: Click on ‘create’.

 Step 2: Enter details in your campaign, ad set and ad elements. 

Campaign: Either create a new campaign or go for an existing one. 

Ad set: If your campaign is new, you may create a new ad set or skip it. For existing campaign, select existing ads set or create a new ad set.

Ad: As per your campaign and ad set selections, you may create a new ad or skip it. 

Select ‘save to draft.’

Step 3: Now, in the editing pane, edit campaign elements by selecting the ad, ad set or campaign icons in the left navigational tray.

Step 4: After updating your campaign details, you will see three options- 

  • Publish to publish your campaign
  • Close to save your campaign details as a draft. Later you can publish your campaign. 
  • Select Discard draft to discard all changes.

2. Switch to Guided Creation

It is a step-by-step process for beginners who wish to create new FB ad campaigns and have no prior idea about it. 

How to Create a Campaign?

Step 1 : Decide your Marketing objectives as per your business goals

To double your engagement, or to boost your sales, choose “Reach” under the “Awareness” heading. Here, enter the ‘campaign name’ but make sure about it because you might have multiple campaigns to run at the same time. 

Step 2: Set Up Your Ad Account

Now, set up your ad account by choosing info, including country, currency and time zone from the list. Be extra careful while choosing currency and time zone because once you choose it, you won’t be able to change it. The only option would be to create a new campaign. Facebook records all the data as per your selected currency and time zone details. Now, click Show Advanced Options to name your ad account.

Step 3: Create One Ad Set or Several Ad Sets

In the next window, you will need to choose either “Create New Ad Set” or “Create Multiple Ad Sets.” “Ad Sets” allow you to choose numerous sets that may be vary depending on audience, locations and more.

Step 4: Select your FB page for Ad Set

Now, you’ll need to select the FB page for your campaign from the drop-down menu. If you do not see your page, click the “+” button to create a new page.

Step 5: Determine Details for Your Audience, Including Locations & Demographics 

Facebook ads let you create a custom audience to target your audience. This helps to improve targeting by preparing of visitors, leads or customers. Here, you can add other audience info, including location, age range, gender and languages. You can add more details to match audience with desired demographic, interest or behaviors. Now, after “Connections,” you need to select connection type to reach audience for a specific purpose such as liking your page, and meet your targeting criteria.

Step 6: Now choose where you Ad would be place on the Page. 

Now, choose between “Edit Placements” option or pick “Automatic Placements” to optimize your ad displays on the Ad. 

Step 7:  Pick Optimization & Delivery Options

It means either you are “reach” or “impressions, and “how many times your Ad would appear, bids, and more. 

Step 8Set Your Budget & the Date Ads Start Appearing

Here, you can select your Ad budget and scheduling of sets. 

Merits of Facebook Ads Manager

  • Quickly and easily edit ads or campaigns such as calls-to-action, bids, budgets, audiences, etc.
  • Simply manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. 
  • Add different audiences, locations, and more
  • Use Ads Reporting for analysis
  • According to your budget, set your campaigns and ad sets depending on your business needs. 

Conclusion: Facebook Ads is indeed a great platform to increase your users’ base. With the above steps, you can simply create a FB ad in no time. Now Social Media for Marketing is easy with FB Ads manager 

As the things moving so quickly at Facebook, I believe some parts of this guide might be outdated by the time you read it (hopefully not!). If you spot any updates about Facebook ads since we published this post, we’ll appreciate the heads up. We are keen to keep this guide up-to-date and useful for you.